Troy Sutter!

If you were really lucky, you saw "Extreme" Troy Sutter at the RT convention last year in Toronto in the Mr. Romance contest. I invited Troy to join us here at RBL Romantica. He very kindly accepted my offer to talk to us and I think you'll enjoy getting to know him a bit better. So here's Troy - get your drool bibs, girls!!!!

Vic: Tell us all about Troy Sutter - where you are from, height, weight, age, eye color, hair color, and any other "vital" statistic you'd like us to know about. And how did you come by the "Extreme" title?

Troy: I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the year 1964, which makes me ... no way ... 36!? Anyway, I stand 6'1" and weigh roughly 190 pounds. My eyes are green to hazel and change hourly. My hair is basically black, but also changes with the weather; summers here in south Florida can lighten hair quickly. I like to stay in excellent shape all year and I measure this with frequent body fat tests. I will be attending the Houston convention at about 6%(exceptionally low and not advised, but ...) - normally I maintain between 8-10%. The "Extreme" title comes from adventurous endeavors I've done in my life, like rock climbing, hang gliding, mountain bike racing, "adventure" racing ("extreme" competitions), etc.

Vic: You have a Bachelors' Degree in science and accounting. What were your goals while you were studying science, and how have those degrees helped you in your current endeavors?

Troy: I have a B.S. in Accounting and a minor in Economics. My thoughts while in college were to pursue a career in some business field, although that changed when I started my own lawn service while in school. I liked the idea of setting my own hours and making money depending on how much/hard I worked. I've considered myself to have been self-employed since graduating even though, technically, I draw a paycheck from someone else. The reason is that I still make degrees of money, due to tips, bonuses, etc., on how hard I work.

Vic: You are quite renowned as an Extreme Bartender! How in the world did that all come about, and tell us what kinds of things you do to entertain while you are bartending.

Troy: Extreme bartending is something that just carried over. I work with much "enthusiasm." I put on a show when I bartend. I am what is called a "flair" bartender, which means I spin or juggle bottles, throw glasses - 2 at a time,7 in a row, etc. - throw and juggle the shaker tins, and much more. You've probably heard about me blowing fire; that's true. The best part about that is that I put it out in my mouth like a "fire-eater." I think the most important thing, though, is that even when I'm not serious entertaining, I'm talking to someone. That's the biggest reason I have so many regular customers - personal attention. I have a guest list of names, numbers, and addresses on my computer of over 100 regulars, and the top 15 of those regulars have my personal cell phone number. That's personal attention. Oh yeah, I also do what's called a "body shot." That's a little thing I do where a girl licks whipped cream off "parts" of my body, then followed by a shot, and topped off with me lying her on the bar (I'm on top of her in a pushup position) and feeding her a cherry from the stem.

Vic: How did you become aware of the Mr. Romance contest, and why did you decide to enter?

Troy: My friend, Lisa Berger, first told me about it. I said I would be interested, so at last year's Florida Convention I interviewed with Shannon Emmel and a few other women, met Kathryn Faulk, and then was asked to participate.

Vic: Had you done modeling or considered this line of work before the contest?

Troy: I have done a little modeling in my past but never really pursued it. It's very competitive and "political," and with all my traveling it became difficult.

Vic: How intimidating was spending three days with an entire convention of women with the very highest of expectations of what a man should be?

Troy: I never really felt intimidated. All the women were great, and seemed genuinely interested in meeting and finding out about me. They all made it very comfortable. I met a lot of new friends who I am looking forward to seeing again in Houston.

Vic: What was your favorite part of the RT Convention aside from the Mr. Romance contest? Any "special" moments?

Troy: I had a lot of special moments, mainly because I was asked to participate in events that the other guys weren't. This was, in part, due to the fact that I roomed with Ryan Storm, Mr. Romance 1998. We hit it off immediately and he helped me tremendously with preparing for the competition. We grew to be good friends and he is truly the gentleman his reputation claims.

Vic: Was there any part of the convention or the contest you didn't like?

Troy: In particular, there was not one thing I disliked, although the schedule is grueling. We literally worked all day preparing and going to events and dinners.

Vic: How did your calendar come about?

Troy: I believe overall it's a promotional thing for Donnamaie White's book, JETTISON. Of course, it's great publicity for me as well. I can't ever thank her enough for what she has done and continues to do for me. I don't look at it as a moneymaking thing for myself, either. My pride in helping her make her book, and upcoming books, successful far outweighs any monetary value.

Vic: Have you read JETTISON? If so, would you tell us about it. Is there romance in it or is it strictly sci-fi? We have many romance readers who enjoy sci-fi or futuristic fiction, so tell us about it.

Troy: Uhhhh ... sure. Well, how about "in the process!" I'll critique it in Houston in three weeks, okay?

Vic: Have you done any covers other than JETTISON since RT?

Troy: No, JETTISON is my first and only book cover to date.

Vic: In the current fashion of males with shorn locks, crew cuts, and buzzes, why do you keep your (incredibly gorgeous) hair long? Have you always worn it long?

Troy: I could have cut my hair a long time ago but I guess I never just "followed the crowd." Just because so many other guys are cutting their hair, why should I? When people make a derogatory statement about my hair, such as "being out of style," that just makes me keep it even more! Some people who have long hair don't take care of it; mine is always shaved tight above the ear and is almost( no, always) in a hat. That's another one of my trademarks. I have about 40 hats - for all occasions.

Vic: You should never cover it!!!

Troy reads romance!!! I learned from the RT video tape that you are a reader of romance! 99.9% of the male population would not consider reading romantic fiction, let alone confessing to it. How did you get started reading romance, what do you like about it, what part of the genre do you prefer - historical, contemporary, futurisitc, sci-fi, etc. - and do you have a favorite author? If yes, who and why.

Troy: Wait up a second - I have read a few romance books. Last year I thought I should research it a little so I knew what went on in these books. It worked out well for me when some ladies asked me if I had read romance. I don't particularly read romance on a regular basis, not because I wouldn't like it, but because I limit myself to fiction books mainly by John Grisham, Michael Crichton, and Thomas Harris. I crave Grisham books! I read new releases within two days. The rest of my reading involves books and magazines relating to management and the bar and restaurant business; I've read over 80 books pertaining to these topics, and regularly receive seven different business magazines per month.

Vic: When you are not working, what reallllly relaxes you?

Troy: I guess what relaxes me the most when not working is ... working out. Not just weights, but something very strenuous like rock climbing or doing my local adventure course. These activities demand my full concentration and clear my mind of anything else. The adventure course I do five times a week is a 1.7 mile loop through the woods and swamp in a local park. Along the route are twenty stations where you do some sort of "extra calisthenics." After doing it the first time, I felt it wasn't hard enough so I added some of my own! I dragged logs out of the woods for squats and overhead presses, I hung a 3/4" rope 20 feet up in a tree to climb, through the picnic areas you run over 6-10 picnic tables at three different places, there are a lot of pushups, chinups, hanging abdominal work, etc. Now it's a real course! Wanna' try it?

Vic: (You betcha! You be the course, I'll do the "extra calisthenics"!! I could do it! *EG*)

Do you consider yourself a romantic person? If so, what things do you do that would make a woman agree that you are?

Troy: I actually do consider myself a romantic person, and it's not so much the normal "romantic" things. I understand the need for listening and certain touching and hand-holding. I think flowers are very special, especially when given when not expected. I really like short little getaways. Just pick her up and be gone for two nights away from everything.

Vic: What type of woman do you reallllly like? Looks-wise and personality-wise? What qualities do you think make a woman sensuous?

Troy: Looks-wise, I have to admit that I do look for women that are ... well ... well-endowed! Most people we see for the first time are from a distance - that and an overall shape to match. I am not one of those guys who always say "a tall, slender ... blah, blah ..." Personality-wise, of course, I prefer a good sense of humor and an "easy going way." Someone I can have a conversation with, or, at times, not feel uncomfortable by not having a conversation. Get it? And what makes a woman sensuous to me is the way she moves or carries herself. I don't know if I can explain it but it's just some kind of feeling I get, personally speaking.

Vic: What is the most romantic thing you've ever done for a woman?

Troy: I guess one of my surprise getaways which turned out better than I could have even planned. I prearranged flowers, a special table, and musicians, but the staff and owner made it nearly impossible for us to leave. Overall, it was unbelievable.

Vic: Sounds verrry romantic to me!

In my interviews with gorgeous males, I always ask the question, "What is your most sensuous fantasy?" I have found all very willing and eager to share. Would you like to do this? And if you would, here are the rules - there are none! Only that you be "Extreme" and honest, and let your imagination run wild. You may be as explicit as you like - or not - whatever you are comfortable with. But remember, we are the "Ladies of Romance" and are not easily "shocked" - and remember, too, it's just us girls! ;- )

Troy: I like to be wet, on occasion, when making love. I just read about a new, private island off of Belize, Mexico; you have 2-3 servants of your own and there are only eight cottages on the whole island - I could get into some good trouble there!!!

Vic: What haven't you done or experienced yet that you simply must do?

Troy: Of course, my answer has to be something "extreme." I plan on climbing Mt. Ranier sometime this year as a warm-up to K2 or Everest. I love exotic vacations - things that people only dream about and read in magazines.

Vic: You will be a contestant in the Mr. Romance contest again this year in Houston. What made you decide to give it another go? And can you tell us about your costume and what character you will portray this year?

Troy: Actually, some of the women were trying to convince me that I shouldn't compete and I could still be "sponsored" to go as a guest, which, of course, is still very flattering. I guess they realized that something very "political" had happened last year and didn't want it to somehow happen again - I have to love them for that. But, as with my competitive spirit, I could not resist the temptation to give it my all one more time!! I'm working out harder than last year to come in in better shape. Although, on a somewhat low point, just yesterday I found out, through X-ray, that I have a collapsed lung - depleting me of nearly 30% of my lung capacity - I guess one of my "falls" was worse than I thought! I have to see a lung specialist next week. The doctor said take it easy - yeah, right!

As for the character, I don't know yet. Last year I knew ahead of time, but they haven't told me yet.

Thank you, Troy, for joining us at RBL Romantica. And we wish you all the best of luck in the competition this year. There will be lots of Rebels there to cheer you on and give you lots of TLC for that lung problem!!! DO take care! And stop by and say Hi anytime! We'd LUUUV to have ya!!!


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